Urgent Loans Without Payroll

How can it benefit me to ask for urgent money without payroll?

The advantages of resorting to private equity companies instead of lifelong banks are many. Especially in order to get money urgently and without payroll. Since banks usually take longer to finish paperwork and their conditions are much more demanding.

In the case of Credither we can offer you the following benefits:

Unlimited amounts

Unlimited amounts

Unlike what happens with other private equity companies or loan companies, in Credimash we do not put limits on your money request. As long as your loan is pre-approved, you can have a minimum of € 6,000 and a maximum that will mark the market value of your property. Since we will offer you up to 25% of that value.

That is, the higher the market value of the property you are going to use as collateral, the greater the capital you can receive in record time.

Without hiring linked products

Surely, if you have gone to a bank to request a quick credit or any other loan, you have noticed some things. For example, in addition to demanding an impeccable economic profile, which very few people meet, you will have to accept a series of conditions and links to get the money.

These links are a common method used by banks to gain customer loyalty. That is, to avoid that once the loan has been completed, they are not changed to another entity. The links can be very varied. The most frequent are the following:

  • Be forced to transfer your regular income to your bank and open a checking account with them. This way they make sure that, once the loan is over, it will be easier for you to continue working with them.
  • Apply for a credit card and make certain movements every month. They not only force you to hire it but also to use it. In case of not doing it the most frequent penalty is the charge for the management of the account that you have been forced to open previously.
  • Address some receipts with them. Either the telephone, the payment of freelancers or electricity.
  • Hire linked products. The most normal thing is that they force you to take out some type of insurance. Whether from home, life, unemployment, fire… and so on. The problem with these insurances is that they will not only make the fee more expensive each month, but they are also not usually designed for the client. That is, your coverage is usually not the best. Many times banks offer these products in exchange for lowering interest on loans. However, it is important to perform a calculation to know how much it will cost us per month and if it is paid to us.

Designed for any type of client, even those without payroll

Designed for any type of client, even those without payroll

If you have begun to look for fast money in different credit institutions, you will have noticed that many deny you their offers for having an unattractive financial profile. The lower the security of recovering your money, the greater the chances that credit institutions do not want to offer you a loan. Hence, lacking payroll, being in Asnef or having a somewhat inappropriate CIRBE, are more than enough reasons for the loan offer to be drastically reduced.

In the case of Credither you will not have this problem. Whenever you have a property that can be sold, we can help you and grant you a loan. Although your financial situation is not the best.

Little paperwork and virtually immediate concession

Little paperwork and virtually immediate concession

Unlike other types of credit institutions, the documentation necessary to evaluate your financial solvency is much less with our company. This allows us to reduce the processing time of loans and grant you money much faster.

You will only have to submit the following documents:

  • A photocopy of the checking account and the DNI.
  • Another photocopy of the deeds of the property that will serve as collateral.
  • The Simple Note of the Property Registry of the Property. This document can be requested online and received in our email in less than 24 hours.
  • A copy of the Home insurance and the last receipt of the IBI.

Another advantage in this regard is that we are a company that operates through the internet. How does this benefit you? In that you will not have to move to any branch to present all these documents. It will be enough for you to send them to us by email. Except for the moment of the signature, in which you will be able to choose the notary, the rest of the procedures are carried out online.

With us you will know in just 15 minutes if your loan has been pre-approved. And in a maximum of 72 hours after signing the contract you will already have the money in your checking account. Regardless of whether the amount is very high.

Interesting repayment terms

Interesting repayment terms

Getting an adequate quota for each client is very complicated when good repayment terms are not available. This causes interest to be more expensive and that these monthly payments may be somewhat higher.

Think, for example, in the case of fast micro credits. The companies that offer these loans will give you the money in a mere 15 minutes, but the interest will be very high in return. The normal thing is that they oscillate around 1.1% according to the Bank of Spain. What makes these financial products a somewhat expensive option.

In Credither you will have 1 year up to a maximum of 10 to be able to repay your loan. This way it will be easier for us to create monthly installments completely tailored to you. And you will avoid overindebtedness for not lacking enough money to meet your credit obligations.

We can also offer you an attractive period of lack where you only have to pay the interest on the loan. If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to consult our financial advisors.

How credit companies check if a customer has regular income

How credit companies check if a customer has regular income

To check if a customer has regular income, financial companies perform the following checks.

  • Request proof of regular income. For example, if we are collecting a pension, unemployment benefit or we are self-employed, we must prove it and teach the lender how much we charge periodically. In the case of the self-employed, a copy of the quarterly VAT is usually requested in addition to the income statement. With those citizens who have some type of pension or help, it is normal to request a document from the Administration stating the type of subsidy that is charged, the duration and the amount.
  • Review the bank statements of the applicant. Bank statements are a simple way for the lender to know both the expenses and the income we have month by month. In this way you can assess with better judgment if it is a person with sufficient solvency to ask for quick money. As long as these extracts prove it, there will be no problem.
  • Do not use more than 40% of our net income to pay off debts. As long as we do not allocate more than 40% to settle debts we will have no problem paying them and continuing to live day by day in a relaxed way. The problem begins when we exceed that threshold, because sooner or later it will lead to over-indebtedness. The credit companies value that the client does not exceed this strip when he adds another loan to those he already has.

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