Is a Great Way to Get Open Source Website Templates Is a Great Way to Get Open Source Website Templates

May 27, 2018 Off By site_administrator
Recently I stumbled upon a website that caught my eye, is a free website that allows visitor’s access to hundreds of website templates, that the users can download and use as they wish. The templates are created by anyone who wants to submit a web design template, if the site deems yours is good enough then they post it for users to download. or (OWD) as many of their users call it is a great way for users to share their creativity and help others with their web design needs. The site is totally free to either download or upload designs to and from. You are also free to use the templates as you wish, most of the time the authors simply ask for design credit to be left at the bottom of the template. This can be very helpful to people who don’t know how to design a website or don’t have that creative touch to make a gorgeous website. You can now simply go check out some templates, download them and alter them to suite your needs. This saves you time, money and energy! From what I have seen on the site there are some very talented submitters. They have over 2,135 template designs that they host, and thousands of downloads. The site is very easy to navigate and you don’t have to register to download, which shocked me but most users like this, they don’t have to worry about spam. I like how the site also allows you to browse by selected criteria so you don’t have to spend all day sorting through every template to get to one you might be interested in. They also have a great FAQ that can answer nearly any question you come up with. In the FAQ they also give you lots of information and links to web design resources. This is a community driven website and they even ask if the site is missing something that you contact them and possibly even add it yourself. The users are pretty friendly as well and many offer their services for free if you contact them with an issue you might be having. Generally the user base here could be considered hobbyists and they are using to sharpen their skills and get their work out on the net. Some of the designs are very nice and catch your eye; a lot could be used for either a corporate website or just a personal fun website. Most of the time if you do use a template the authors also ask you let them know where they can find it when you are done so they can see how you modified their work. also hosts contests where they determine a category and the users submit their web designs to be judged. I am not sure what the winner receives but this inspires some pretty creative web designs. Some of my personal favorites on the site are the contest winners. This website is great for a web design enthusiast or if you want some design ideas and are stuck in a rut, you can come here for inspiration or help. So go download some of the templates and see what you create, its fun to start with a good idea and see how you can improve upon it. Most of the templates only come with an Index page and you are responsible for creating all the additional content pages and what goes into them. The templates are just a starting point for users. So what are you waiting for go get some templates and start your own website. If you are a developer you can go submit your templates and see what others think of you work. Either way it can be fun and a great learning tool.